Today’s best room control and automation technologies include everything a meeting organizer needs to take commandof all of a meeting’s content and information sources, easily and effectively. With the right technology, companies can dramatically improve the efficiency of their meetings, saving them time and money.

Conference room automation is the technology that can empower you to manage multiple collaboration tasks via a simple and intuitive user interface – usually a touch panel or keypad. The system manages all of your audio and video inputs and outputs, enabling you to easily control where and how your content is displayed on your projection screens and displays. More sophisticated systems can control virtually any analog or digital input or output, including video conferencing systems, Blu-ray players, document cameras, lighting and even screens and blinds – all from a single user interface rather than a bewildering collection of remotes.

We specialises in designing & implementing automation for any size of meeting room, conference room, board room, cafeteria, training halls, auditorium, home, etc. for audio & video. This includes displays, projectors, motorized screen, audio conferencing, video conferencing, lighting, etc. We are super expert in any kind of audio DSP & control system programming to make it very simple and user friendly for day to day operation.