Trizoom Solutions brings a wide range of flat panel displays. From sizes ranging from 32” to over 100”, we have flat panel display for every application. With our partnership with leading flat panel display brands, Trizoom Solutions ensures that the user have right display device for their applications.

Large Format LCD/LED Displays

Whether they are used to inform or entertain, large format displays create a big impact in any facility. They must be capable of withstanding heavy, long-term use with excellent image quality and clarity. Trizoom offers professional grade solutions that provide optimum performance and reliability, including narrow bezel displays for seamless video walls and ergonomic designs for standalone application.

LED Video Walls

LED displays are increasingly popular choice for video wall application because they come in variety of sizes and shapes and can be viewed from almost any angle. Selecting the right solution depends upon the typical viewing distance, whether the display will be used indoor or outdoor and whether it will be fixed or need flexibility. Trizoom Solutions has variety of products and solutions to perfectly fit in any application.

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Digital Signage is seeing growing adoption across a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and many others. Media Servers deliver content to displays based upon location, time of day and can even be integrated with mobile apps to create personalized experience for viewers. Careful planning is very essential for the solution and Trizoom can help organization select the right components to meet the requirement of any environment.