In today’s corporate world, clinching a deal, seeking project approvals or even mapping future plans is incomplete without the edge of a great presentation. It has the ability to create a huge impression for you and your company. Getting the undivided attention of your audience during presentations is essential. It therefore is necessary to acquire modern, cutting-edge presentation systems for making that effective and impactful presentation. And that can only be accomplished when you use top-of-the-line presentation equipment that only we can provide.

An important consideration in choosing a projector for business information is projection brightness. For typical small conference rooms of about 10 people, we recommend a projector with 3,000~3,499 lumens of brightness to balance energy savings and projection clarity. For medium meeting rooms for about 20 participants, the projector should produce 3,500~5,000 lumens to accommodate more people and larger projection dimensions. An ultra-bright projector with more than 5,000 lumens is ideal in larger conference rooms for over 40 attendees to provide increased brightness and image clarity. In addition, for spaces with direct lighting, we recommend raising the brightness requirement by 1,000 lumens to support business presentation needs with lights on.

Laser phosphor projectors are a great choice for corporate spaces, educational institutions, retail environments, government facilities and small-mid size auditoriums. This lampless technology means there’s no need to replace lamps or filters, which reduces waste and downtime. With instant on/off capabilities and long operational life, laser phosphor projection offers minimal maintenance and a low cost of ownership.

RGB pure laser projection is perfect for giant screens, premium large format cinema, rental and live event staging, projection mapping and theme parks. Producing the brightest images, the purest colors and the best 3D visual experiences, RGB laser technology represents the pinnacle of laser-illuminated projection.

RGB pure laser projectors are quickly becoming the standard for mainstream cinema. With bright, detailed visuals and vibrant colors, RGB pure laser is opening an entirely new realm of possibilities that greatly improve the audience experience. Like laser phosphor, RGB pure laser technology has equally low maintenance with a longer life span.

Trizoom Solutions brings a wide range of multimedia projectors. From small portable, easy to carry projector for mobile executive, medium weight feature rich projectors for board rooms/conference rooms to high brightness projectors for large venue installations like auditoriums, stadium and shopping malls etc. With our partnership with leading projector brands, Trizoom Solutions ensures that the user have right projection device for their applications.

Trizoom also offers standard or customized all sizes of manual or motorized screens fitting your application requirement. We have Retractable, Fixed Frame, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Manual, Motorised screens avilable in various aspect ratio and sizes.