TrueConf Server is the answer to all your video collaboration needs. Pure software solution based on SVC technology with infinite scalability possibilities and great interoperability.

▪ UltraHD video and wideband audio
▪ Up to 250 users per conference
▪ Up to 3000 accounts per server
▪ H.323/SIP/Skype for Business® gateway
▪ Active Directory integration

▪ Recording and RTSP streaming
▪ Bundled with client applications
▪ Built-in web conferencing platform
▪ Handles NAT/Firewall traversal
▪ Secured with TLS and AES-256

TrueConf makes MCUs obsolete. The scalable video coding (SVC) approach eliminates the need for transcoding of multipoint conferences and dramatically reduces infrastructure costs.

TrueConf can host hundreds of conferences and thousands of users on a regular PC. Server instances can be joined together to scale infinitely.

Thanks to TrueConf’s native support for UltraHD video conferencing, you can finally make use of fancy 4K screen or video wall in your conference room.

TrueConf Server runs autonomously within the company’s network, you have complete control over your communications. In addition, all communications are encrypted using AES.

Point-to-Point Video Call – Session between two users. They can see and hear each other, exchange messages and files, collaborate on documents, etc.

Multipoint Video Conference – Allows to connect up to 36 participants in continuous presence mode so that all users can see and hear each other.

Video Lecture – Designed for distant learning. Allows to connect up to 36 users in such a way that all of them can see and hear only the host while the host can interact with all participants.

Virtual Meeting – Role-based video conferences for large audience where speakers are selected by moderator in
real time. Number of speakers varies from 1 to 6 depending of the conference size.

  • Collaboration Tool
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Telephony
  • Dual Video
  • Recording
  • Full HD content sharing

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